In a time when people keep their distance we believe and invest in interpersonal relations with the client.

Medusa Group was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki. We specialize in servicing businesses, organizations and groups through an extensive market controling network with products of unique costs, customized contracts and customer needs quality control.

Believing and investing in interpersonal relations

The continuous success of  ”Medusa group” in all sectors throughout its course, comes to acknowledge our quality which lies in our products, our services and our people.

At a time when people keep their distance we believe and invest in interpersonal relations with the client. Staffed with experienced and highly qualified people, our company stays always close to the customer to understand their needs, their problems, the possibilities to offer them support, Security and Trusted and quality service.


All these years, ” medusa group ” follows a continuous upward trend due to the trust of our clients and the constant  development of our clientele, composed mainly of large groups of the medical, manufacturing and Tourism industry, holding the largest insurability share in Greece.

Why Medusa Group;

  1. Because we are the first company to serve:
    • Around 2.000 individual contracts of professional liability in the medical field.
    • 48 Clinics around Greece (General – Saint Lucas , Maternity – Genesis, Rehabilitation – ANIMUS – Hippokrateio, Kidney – Patsidis)
    • Diagnostic centers (EUROMEDICA , Parisis)
  2. Because we maintain monopoly agreements with pricings under 330% & 40% of the market for liability contracts.
  3. Because we always keep track of the relationship between cost and effectiveness.
  4. Because we invest in immediate responce and “closing” of incidents.
  5. Because after the persue from a legal authority we take the following steps in close cooperation with the client:
    • Briefing of the incident.
    • Documentation of the incident in close cooperation with the hospitals legal department.
    • Contact with the complainant to discuss an immediate solution of the incident
    • Contact the insurance company (when necessary) for an immediate compensation (without putting a limit – for example 8.000 €) or going to court.
  6. Because we are strong in this market and our name is connected with reliability and consistency for 25 straigth years serving in this field.
  7. Because to date we are official partners to some of the largest federations in Greece (Plumbing – Boiler installers) for professional liability according to 3844 Law.
  8. Because we can do it: We support our doctor’s liability contracts,by giving (As a hospital provision) a special monopolized price of 30-40% below the rest of the market and a 5 years retroactivity.
  9. Because for 25 years we cover the insurance needs of the largest companies in greece (Saint Lucas, Mevgal S.A, Unilever, Tetrapac, ElinOiland more)


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