We stand by hoteliers and their customers

Medusa is the first Company in the Medical Tourism Services area located in Thessaloniki.

We exclusively partner with some of the largest Hotel Groups in order to provide their customers Primary healthcare services as much as preventive medical checks.

Our experienced and multilinguistic Medical Team (Health Professionals) are alert 24/7 just to ensure that the Hotel’s customers receive fast and effective health care whenever is needed.

Taking Care of details

We make sure that every Hotel Group has its own full Medical Healthcare Insurance package and medical equipment according to their needs.

We choose to work with the Best

During the years we managed to maintain a wide network with some of the largest Insurance firms abroad. Our main purpose is to provide high quality services for their customers while visiting our country.

Transparency and sensitivity to the patient

The Patient – customer should not have concerns neither on bureaucracy or arbitrary pricings. We provide Med Care whenever is needed through preliminary pricing agreements, recognized internationally by Insurance Companies.

Costs and procedures should not matter when it comes to health issues.

Medusa’s presence in the Tourism Industry is characterized by steady growth and constant improvement of its services with main concern to provide our Hotelier-customers the best solutions to cover the demands of the industry.


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