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Immediate response, human approach, being fast in settlements with every Insurance Company, consistency and transparency are only some of the things that gave Medusa its high position and its reputation in the Insurance market.

With an extremely well trained and multilinguistic Medical Team, with a wide associates network we are ready to meet all challenges of today by providing high quality services.


  • 24/7 medical treatment
  • Experienced Healthcare Professionals
  • Modern facilities
  • Modern equipment
  • Complete pharmaceutical and medical equipment
  • Friendly and multilinguistic management stuff
  • Cooperation with the largest Insurance Organizations
  • Immediate processing of all Insurance documentation
  • Preliminary Pricing Health Agreement
  • 24/7 Medical Help-On-Call
  • Home Care services

Some advice for Carefree vacation


  • Move immediately away from the sun and try to avoid exposure to sun for the next few days.
  • Drink water or mixed water with apple juice
  • Apply yogurt on the sunburnt area to soothe the pain.
  • Use ONLY soothing gels but not oily creams.


  • Use cold water to soothe the bite.
  • Put onion slice on the bite.
  • Apply moist sugar cube on to the bite in order to absorb the poison.
  • Use lemon juice drops on to a recent mosquito bite to stop the prickliness (itching).
  • Avoid itching and scratching for it may infect the bite.


  • Drink lots of water or juise with sparcling water
  • Black tea with sugar balances blood circulation
  • Avoid drinking coffee
  • Consume eggs with bacon, lots of fresh fruits and wholegrain products for salts and minerals


  • Οnce stung by jellyfish you’ll feel a slight skin burn
  • Keep skin cool and keep out of the water
  • Let skin dry and then rub dry sand
  • Tambon the area with vinegar or lemon juice with a small piece of cloth.
  • Ιf suffering or skin turns red please contact your doctor


  • Do not touch the injury or try cleaning it by rubbing
  • Clean the area with fresh water
  • Do not use bandage
  • Let small wounds heal by exposuring to open air
  • For more severe wounds please get doctor’s advice


  • In case of allergic reaction immediately call your doctor for you may not know the exact cause of it.


  • Drink a refreshment (Coca-Cola) and shake it well before use. Have it in small zips with a salty snack.
  • Mash a banana and consume 2 in total during the day with an apple.
  • Drink minimum 3lt of mineral water (NOT COLD) or a cup of black tea with salt during the day and have a toast
  • Drink electrolytes you can find in drug stores


  • Drink a cup of mint or chamomile tea
  • Drink enough mild black tea
  • Eat fennel
  • Have chicken soup with ginger
  • Αvoid fat food
  • Avoid sun exposure


  • In case of prickliness you are allowed to use soothing antihistamines or cortisone gels without prescription
  • If you suffer a severe allergic reaction or observe skin changes please get doctor’s advise


  • Lay in the shade
  • Place your head higher than the rest of the body
  • Keep your head cool with a wet towel
  • Have isotonic drinks but not too cold
  • Call a doctor and calmly remain in a cool and shady place